Limited Edition Prints – “The Dory Collection” by Michael Coyne

‘The Dory Collection’, is an exclusive limited edition Giclée collection produced by Rivermoors featuring works by Michael Coyne.

The collection currently features a total of 6 different Dory prints. Each Dory in this Special Edition is limited to /250 prints, signed and numbered by the artist. Choose from three frame options at time of purchase.

The Dory Collection

Dory No. 1

Framed Size 18″x22″

Dory No. 2

Framed Size 18″x22″

Dory No. 3

Framed Size 18″x22″

Dory No. 4

Framed Size 18″x22″

Dory No. 5

Framed Size 18″x22″

Dory No. 6

Framed Size 18″x22″

The Dory Collection – Frame Options

Each Dory is professionally framed, packaged, and shipped. Your collector’s edition Giclée Print, will arrive to your door hand-signed and numbered, ready to hang on your wall. Simply select a frame from the options below during checkout.

Chestnut Frame

Framed Size 18″x22″

Distressed White Frame

Framed Size 18″x22″

Noire Frame

Framed Size 18″x22″

Prints, Framed and Delivered

Our Giclée print editions are made of premium museum-quality professional-grade fine art cotton rag base paper, and are shipped to your door, framed and ready to hang

  • 100% Cotton Rag Base
  • Basis Weight: 310 gsm
  • Thickness: 15.6 mil
  • Whiteness: 89.12%
  • No OBA Content
  • Acid Free and Internally Buffered
  • Instant Drying
  • High Water Resistance
  • Surface Finish: Smooth Satin

Exclusive Collection

Rivermoors brings you “The Dory Collection”; the latest from local artist Michael Coyne, of Scituate, Massachusetts. “The Dory Collection” is being reproduced in a limited print run between January 2020 and May 2020. There are currently six unique Dory Giclées in the collection.

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