Available Works

Dory No. 5

Michael Coyne – oil on linen – 84″x36″ – $$ Inquire

Breaking Through

Michael Coyne – oil on linen – 36″x18″ (42″x24″ Framed)  $3,000

Dory No. 6

Michael Coyne – oil on linen – 16″x8″ (20″x12″ Framed)  $1,600

Dory No. 4

Michael Coyne – oil on linen – 48″x36″ (50″x38″ Framed)  $4,500

Untitled No. 9

Michael Coyne – oil on linen – 12″x6″ (18″x12″ Framed)  $750


Michael Coyne – oil on linen – 60″x60″ (64″x64″ Framed)  $9,000

Out of the Mist

Michael Coyne – oil on linen – 12″x9″ (18″x15″ Framed)  $850


Michael Coyne – oil on linen – 40″x60″ (42″x62″ Framed)  $7,500

Original Works

All Rivermoors works include framing, delivery and professional installation. Please contact us to inquire.


All of the works on this page are currently available. Rivermoors associates will arrange to bring one or more pieces for in-home evaluation. Contact us for an in-home consultation.

Creativity without Boundaries

At Rivermoors, we have the experience and expertise to fulfill your creative project from soup to nuts.

Regardless of your vision, Rivermoors will work with you to put the finishing touched on your private space.


Installation is included in the purchase price of your original work of art. We’ll be quick, efficient, and professional every time. We use the best materials and hardware, so that you have the piece of mind knowing your investment will be secure for years to come.

Storage and Transport

Every piece is handled with the utmost care, from the moment a canvas is stretched, to the moment you see it hung on your wall, our process is deliberate at every step. Inventory is managed in a climate controlled storage, transportation is managed entirely by Rivermoors.